Plastic Surgery Kuwait – A Man-Made Pathway to God-Like Features



beautiful-woman-kuwait-rhinoplastyIt is often said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But, the medical fraternity with its advancements in the field of facial aesthetics and medical treatments in Kuwait can make almost anyone look gorgeous and feel better as a result.

The plastic surgeons around the world maintain that beauty is the smoothing or normalizing the features that have gone out of balance due to bad hygiene or nutrition. The reasons might be many but symmetry throughout the body is what defines beauty now.

The beauty is segregated into objective and subjective aspects of human. The objective part is where the exterior looks match that of perfection standards as seen in the media and movies. The subjective part is where the person feels good about themselves and a natural sense of elegance and grace takeover their entire being.

What is beauty? – A surgeon’s view-point

Although beauty has always been related to a woman’s bodily features, often times the males are left unnoticed. Recently the male beauty is also gaining ground where people are opening up regarding their issues with looks and approach surgeons to correct them.

According to the surgeons around the world, the facial beauty is the most prominent as it brings out the greatest potential of a person. People who have undergone facial surgery often times start seeing a chain-reaction throughout their life, career, relationships and business. New avenues and opportunities are thrown open to them when they change their looks.

People with blemishes, scars, pimples and wrinkles generally lack confidence in social circles as they are conscious about their short comings. Their confidence level is low and they are shy and reserved. When a surgery is performed to heal their skin, there is a general sense of joy in them and it beams out through their confidence.

Taking care of our body and especially our face is also a sign of self-worth. The person who has got healthy self-esteem makes sure that he looks good and also takes out time for personal hygiene.

Definition of Beauty from a man’s point of view

The media has created an image of beauty in the eyes of men. Usually these images are not real and are made to look so by image editing softwares. Nevertheless, every man’s opinion of beauty changes and it is unique to him. The things that stand out for a man in all of the beauty features in a girl are her health, happiness and confidence. The color of the hair, breast size, body shape and other facial features are an expression of this inner self-worth of that girl.

Women’s approach to plastic surgery in recent times

Doctors around the world say that nowadays patients want their appearance to fit how they feel inside. They want their youthfulness, energy and enthusiasm to be seen on their face. Due to one or the other reason the face is seen tired with wrinkles, loose skin, lower lid bags etc. The patients want all these to be adjusted so that it matches their internal perception of who they are.

The women also want to tighten their skin which has lost its elasticity due to child birth and other hormonal changes. They want to wear swimsuits or other dresses which flaunt their personality and therefore opt for surgeries to achieve this desire.

Obsession with plastic surgery in Arab women

Plastic surgery is a safe and normal course for anyone looking to enhance their looks and features. But this route can be abused when someone becomes so obsessed with plastic surgery that they keep going through surgeries frequently to achieve out-of-the-world definition of beauty created by Hollywood movies and other media campaigns.kuwaiti-woman

Teenage girls have a lot of craze towards cosmetic surgery to get doll face which they see in soap operas and reality TV shows. They do not understand the false reality created by Hollywood celebrities and beauty products campaigns.

If the surgeon is ethically sound and cares for his patients, he will deny doing the surgery on them and convince them that they look just fine. But, the women want it so badly that they will go to another surgeon and get the surgery done.

Fashion, beauty and style in Kuwaiti women

Kuwaiti women are very fashionable and stylish. They are at the top of fashion trends and yet keep a fair balance between modesty and fashion. They are successful in having the latest brands and customized clothes from international brands in their closet and flaunt them at proper occasions.

The women are confident to wear the clothes which suit their body-type and make sure that they have the grace to carry themselves well throughout the social occasions in Kuwait.

Men’s approach to cosmetic surgeries

Recently men have shown interest in getting cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance and combat the effects of ageing and stresses in life. Men have become aware that their facial aesthetics play an important role in the job market. It may also be a deciding factor between closing a deal and busting it totally. A man’s confidence is seen on his face and speech. If either of these is low, people will perceive him as an amateur.

Common cosmetic procedures demanded in Kuwait

Most female patients ask for breast enlargement, rhinoplasty (nose job), eyelid uplifting and liposuction with fat transfer. Males patients usually go for liposuction and hair transplant along with rhinoplasty surgery to some extent.

Non-surgical procedures involve Botox and fillers. These procedures involve filling a minute amount of toxin which relaxes the muscles and helps in easing and smoothing out the furrows on the forehead and other areas of the face. It is totally safe as long as the filling is within limits.


Approach of Surgeons towards facial procedures

The doctors say that the key to a natural face is harmony and symmetry. Surgical procedures can get you anything you want. But if there is even a slightest disharmony in the final result of the surgery and other parts of the face, it leads to a disaster.

Everybody’s attention is first drawn towards the aged components of the face. Therefore the surgeons ask their patients to describe their concerns and discuss why these features have aged. This helps the patients to understand which are safe for surgical corrections and which need to be left alone.

Later, the surgeon also shows them some before and after photos of similar surgeries so that they get a realistic picture of what is possible. Recently, the advancement in 3d imaging technology has helped the patients to take their photo and see it change by the software. This gives them an idea of how they will look after the surgery. The surgeon can also predict with accuracy the success rate of the surgery.

Lifespan of implants (buttocks, breasts, chins etc) and their replacement

Many people have the misconception that the implants need to be replaced every few years. This is not true. This idea makes many women to stay away from surgeries as they are worried about the long-term cost of these surgeries.

The majority of implants last for 10-20 years without any problem. Some develop complications within 7 years. Recent studies by FDA concluded that about 20% of women will have implants repaired within 10 years of operation.

The implants usually last more number of years that what people think. Some may even last for a lifetime of the patient. Although no guarantee can be given for the lifespan they usually last longer and the patient is not required to go through surgeries every few years.

Latest development in surgical technology

Liposuction technology has seen advancement in recent years. These have helped the surgeons to carry out operation without the fear of side-effects. They have also helped in decreasing recovery time and more prominent visual results. The laser is a new method which has eliminated the need for incisions. There is no need for general anesthesia and the results are seen within days instead of weeks.

kuwait-rhinoplasty-botoxPlastic and facial surgeries have seen a lot of advancements as well. With the new technology invasive surgery is becoming history. In the coming years, there will be more of non-invasive, non-surgical treatments. The skin tightening and fat reduction technologies will be improved. The predictable and consistent results of these procedures will increase their demand in the future.

The introduction of new and improved injections, stem-cell technology and skin-tightening devices will lead to a totally new era for facial rejuvenation.

Due to their safety and quick results, the non-surgical aesthetic services will grow rapidly over the years to come.

Curbing the addiction to cosmetic surgeries

Many Arab women get addicted to plastic surgeries and want the perfect face and features that they fantasize about. It is the surgeon’s job to help these women realize that it is not the shape of the nose but the look and warmth that is spread through the eyes. It is not the appearance but the accomplishments in life and how they treat others regardless of their status in the society.

People need to understand that the companies which are into beauty products want to portray their products as capable of giving heavenly beauty for its users. They showcase fashion models with beautiful faces. There is also a lot of graphic editing to these faces to make them look like angels. While there is nothing wrong in using these products, the reality has to be kept in mind regarding the results.


Final words and advice on cosmetic surgery is Kuwait

The advice given by Kuwaiti surgeons and almost all the doctors around the world is to have reasonable expectations with your aesthetic surgery. Every woman desires to stay young and beautiful throughout her life. Regardless of whether it is a man or a woman each deserves a great life with admiration and compliments from other people.

To stay young and beautiful you will have to make some lifestyle changes. When you eat healthy, have good rest and exercise, the aesthetic surgery results will complement your already healthy life with a perfect look. Keeping a check on binge eating and eating only healthy food is of utmost importance if you want to lead a happy and joyous life.