What is Rhinoplasty, is it worth the effort?


kuwaitrhinoplastyRhinoplasty is commonly referred as “nose job” and is carried out by a practicing plastic surgeon having years of experience in surgery.

The nose reshaping procedure requires a thorough examination of the total anatomy of the face and deciding on the corrective measures to make the nose ‘fit in’ so to speak.

Kuwait has highly experienced rhinoplasty surgeons who work with aesthetics and precision surgical procedures to give you the desired outcome.

There are basically two reasons for people to opt for rhinoplasty surgery

Health Reasons: It is recommended for people who are suffering from respiratory problems due to malformed nasal passage or blocking of the air passage due to accident and injury. In this case due to urgency of the case, the doctor usually decides the best course of action to take and performs the surgery.

Cosmetic Reasons: This is a case where the patient is not happy with the shape of his/her nose and opts for surgery to correct it. The surgery helps to correct issues like bump on the nasal bridge, position of the nasal tip, size of the nostrils, alignment of the nose, depression of the tip etc


Will Rhinoplasty Make Me Look Good?

Rhinoplasty is an individual choice and you have to decide for yourself if you want to really go for the surgery. If you are not happy with the way your nose looks and if it is making you embarrassed in the social circles, then definitely go for nose job and get back the confidence you desire.

You should also know that the shape of your nose changes with age. Later in life the tip may droop a little because of degeneration of facial muscles. But it is usually in the old age.

Like all other surgeries, you are required to have a good overall health before going through the rhinoplasty surgery.


How Much Will Rhinoplasty Surgery Cost in Kuwait?

The average cost of rhinoplasty is $4694 according to a 2014 statistic from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The cost of surgery in Kuwait starts from 900kd and can go up to 3000kd depending on the complexity of the surgery and experience of the surgeon.

Rhinoplasty surgery costs also vary widely depending on the geographical location of the hospital.

The average cost given above does not include hospital expenses like anesthesia, operating room facilities and other related expenses.

The cost of nose job in Kuwait usually includes

  • Anesthesia fees
  • Hospital and surgical facility costs
  • Medical tests
  • Posts surgery garments
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Surgeons’ fees
  • Post-operative care


What Happens During The Procedure?

Usually a general anesthesia is administered prior to most of the rhinoplasty surgeries. This is the preferred method, as noted by majority of the doctors in Kuwait, as it allows the surgeon to protect the airway during surgery. Local anesthesia that numbs only the treated area and does not put you to sleep may also be used by some doctors.

During a nose lifting surgery, the surgeon makes incisions to better access the nose’s bones and cartilage. The doctor adds or removes bone and cartilages to change the form of the nose.

According to the agreements between you and the doctor, he may add a cartilage graft to remodel the tip and use fillers or fat grafts to add volume.

Sometimes, a silicone implant may also be used to achieve the desired look, but this is discouraged as it might lead to a risk of infection after procedures are carried out.


Rhinoplasty Surgery Steps

The best rhinoplasty surgeons in Kuwait usually follow the given steps below to have maximum success rate in the surgery.

Step 1: Anesthesia

Medications and certain pre-operative tests are carried out before beginning the surgery. The surgeon may either administer intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The doctor will usually recommend what will work best for your case.

Step 2: The incision

There are two types of incisions which may be carried out in a rhinoplasty surgery.

  • Closed Incision – The incision is hidden inside the nose and is not visible from the outside.
  • Open Incision – The cut is made on the small column of tissues separating the two nostrils.

These incisions help the surgeon to access the inner part of your nose where the surgery is to be performed to give a new shape to your nose.

Step 3: Reshaping the nose structure

The nose is reshaped by either removing excess tissues, bone or cartilage which cause the nose to look bulky or addition of grafts into the cartilage to give it a proper look.

Step 4: Correcting a deviated septum

If the septum is deviated causing the patient breathing problems it is corrected and straightened during the surgery. This improves breathing and gives relief to the patient.

Step 5: Closing the incision

After the restructuring is made to the cartilage or bone according to the desired shape, the nasal skin and tissues are draped and the incisions are closed.

Step 6: Recovery

During this phase the nose is supported by splints and bandages to aid in quicker healing. The patient will find this period quite annoying but it will soon pass. The nose is gaining new shape and is adjusting your body to a newer look.

The patient may also have to schedule additional post-operation appointments with the surgeon to check the progress of healing and whether to remove the bandages.

Recovery Time for Rhinoplasty

All the patients should expect a visible swelling and bruising immediately after surgery. It is normal for patients to feel stuffed up and having to breathe through their mouth.

The most common complaint is difficulty in breathing through the nose. The surgery causes the insides as well as outsides of the nose to swell. Since the nasal walls are still healing, the patients are warned against blowing their nose. Sleep may also be disrupted for a few nights after the surgery.

The nasal packing is removed after a period of 5 to 7 days or as deemed fit by your surgeon. At this point the nose is gaining its perfect shape and the nasal walls are healing rapidly. Breathing becomes easier and easier day by day and you can expect good nights’ sleep thereafter.


Risks Involved in Rhinoplasty Surgery

Any surgery always has some risks involved in it. Rhinoplasty patients can expect temporary swelling and bruising around the eyes and nose after the surgery. There can also be other problems like

  • Bleeding nasal walls
  • Injury to the septum (the wall separating nostrils)
  • Skin problems and irritation due to tape and bandages
  • Infections. (Surgeons usually give antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection)
  • Nasal blockage caused by swelling inside the nose
  • Complications during anesthesia

An experienced surgeon usually takes all precautions before starting the procedures. He will make sure that you are fit to go through the surgery and will recover soon enough. If your health is not in a good condition he/she will usually recommend a future date when you can consider the surgery.


Does My Insurance Policy Cover This Surgery?

Insurance companies usually do not cover cosmetic surgeries and plastic surgeries. Every insurance policy has different features and you need to talk to your insurance provider to get the accurate details.

If the surgery is performed for functional reasons (breathing problems, health related issues), the surgery costs are usually covered under your health insurance. But again, every company has different policies regarding surgeries.

Like other countries, insurance companies in Kuwait also reimburse the costs of cosmetic surgeries performed for health reasons.

You need to get a thorough explanation from your insurance provider of whether your policy is all-encompassing umbrella coverage or a partial coverage.


Final Words on Rhinoplasty Surgery in Kuwait

Kuwait has the best of medical facilities and cosmetic surgeons who understand the needs of their patients well and give them exactly and more of what they desire.rhinoplasty-kuwait-before-after

Regardless of where you are opting to go for the surgery, you need to consider the costs and the experience of the surgeon. If the surgeon is highly experienced in nasal lifting surgeries he will usually charge a higher fee. But you can be assured of a fantastic job and a lasting increase in your self-worth and confidence in the social circles.

You will find the increased self-esteem and the great feeling of perfect looking nose radiate into other areas of your life as well.